Thursday, August 30, 2007


No more
can I
play the game of

'Absurd'-is what
the figment
of mind

'Face'-no more
can I see

'Elysium'-may I
call this

'Deception'-is it
the route to

'Lost'- am I
in the game
of nowhere

'Stop'- should I
for this


No more
can I
play the
game of

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I do?

The day had just begun but it felt like ages. It was only a few months back that I got married and plunged into a pool of ‘relationships’. The house was still in the process of renovation and the incomplete look hardly mattered. Silence was making things worse but ignoring helped. I knew it would be a new chapter in my life but people suggested that I should start making preparations of talking, sitting, standing etc differently. Was this a mutual preparation or was I the only actor in the play?
A rebel by nature, I had no faith in the institution.I did not understand the concept of division of roles in marriage. I could not imagine myself waiting for my husband at the dinner table, letting him talk 'cos it will make him feel good. Adjustment and I were two opposite poles.This was not my definition of 'happily ever after'.
I saw friends 'settling down'. After a series of affairs, I planned to take a chance. My folks had almost lost hope and assumed that my married life would end in a ...mess. But even they took a ..chance. Arranged Marriage. ha! Parents consult friends and relatives, find a 'suitable boy' and conclude that they will 'live happily ever after'. I had no expectations.

to be continued..