Wednesday, June 25, 2008




Did you hear anything?
Neither did I

Someone shout

Killing isn't it

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Loneliness like a good friend, old friend
visits my house to pour wine in the evening
And we sit together, waiting for the moon
and for your face to sparkle in the shadow

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

A girl

No choice was her own
"What have I done?"
she shouted

You're a girl
and you'd better not forget that
My 'soul'
is under 'his' control

Today I am supposed to
My life is in the hands of a 'man'
who like a puppeteer
will make me dance to his tunes

The goal- to win my heart

So I say once more
You are a girl
and you'd better not forget that.....

Friday, June 6, 2008

Girl Power

This was something i came across the other day and loved it!

Shah Rukh Khan – Actor
Earns Rs. 257 per minute

Amitabh Bachhan- Actor
Earns Rs. 255 per minute

Mukesh Ambani - Industrialist
Earns Rs. 413 per minute

Sachin Tendulkar - Cricketer
Earns Rs. 1163 per minute

Indra Nooyi - CFO Pepsi Co.
Earns Rs. 2911 per minute

And that's just the beginning of the many fabulous things she is capable of

Don't abort the girl child.