Saturday, November 22, 2008

'Stage Play'

Seeing them
on stage
I went back
in time
once again
I used to
blend into
was I
as I felt
the urge
to do something
Time stops me?
People stop me?
Situations stop me?
Am I...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

the birthday parties

' Happy birthday to you....Happy Birthday to you.....'
Wel, those were the days...when mums used to go through ol' recipie books to make the BEST LUKING birthday cake..and ya, it had to be YUMMY too :)
Those were the days..when the best friend used to get the 'honour' of knowing all the 'secret' games of the party..(as if it were some 007 plan!!..oh cmmon, it was no less)
Those were the days..when decorating the house with balloons and stuff was such a BIIIIG thing!
Those were the days..when none of us felt embarassed to wear those special birthday caps..

Those were the days when 'return gifts' were a fad!!

I guess..I am way too old..or perhaps feel so
way too old for 'planned' birthday parties..where kids are specially invited by sending 'hand-crafted' birthday cards...where specialised event management offices are called to 'plan' birthday games! What could be more exciting than musical chairs or passing the parcel or pin the donkey!

I guess I belong to the early man era :|
But I am happy to be there.
With my memories, I 'sign out'
and feel 'sad' for the kids of today.


Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, I was a part of this short film festival..and I must say it was an amazing experience..Quite strange but true, not many films have affected me the way these 10 min films did...And not only did they 'affect' me but also left a 'long lasting' mark about various other issues.
I cannot just 'jot' down the synopsis of any two/ or maybe three..films..because almost all of them were different in some or the other way..and I am not here to flatter them or get some kinda job!! but am serious!!

PS- Thanx ayan sir and krishanu for the amazing compay...and the stupid jokes..and the discussions..and the photography 'shoots'...the fest couldn't have been better!!! ;)