Sunday, September 9, 2007

'My best friend's wedding'

He's your best friend and you have to tell him you're getting married.
So, what's the issue? I mean if you had a female best friend, you would tell her too..She gets too emotional and sobby..says''Oh my God..Finally!''..and then both of you get e m o t i o n a l.

He's your bestest friend and telling him won't be difficult..Uhhhhh

"Uh,What does he do?''
It takes him more than 15 minutes to actually realize that there is a man involved and suddenly he comments

''L o v e???'' ''Oh, cmmon! This is just one of your stupid affairs.''

''HIM? He's fat and ugly. How can you...Ughhh''

You make no remark.You don't to mention the 'fact' that he's no 'Hugh Grant'.

''And he's balding''

Uhhh..Ok, I give it to him..Your friend is not balding! Oops,neither is your 'love'.
He is jealous.He has no idea how to handle it.
He does not love you,never has, and never will. But in every man hidden is the little boy who never wants to share his toys and wants the undivided attention forever.
It's called possessiveness.
It's the nature of the beast.
I knew I had 'hurt' my friend.
I knew this was not how we had planned to spend a sunday.

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