Monday, December 22, 2008

2:00am, 9th Aug

She thought it was a joke.
It sure was.
But she had never imagined the joke would turn into the biggest truth of her life.
Time flew.
Love blossomed.
But real life could not be as mushy as the reel one.
Distance mattered
A lot
for them.
The arguments
The Silence
The society
The norms
Strange it was, for sure
Love, like they say is 'blind'
but they saw ahead
too ahead perhaps
a crack
they saw
Tears fell
stuck in the
middle of nowhere
or maybe somewhere
they could not see
'Friends, we shall be forever'
they vowed.

She thinks it is a joke.
It sure is?


a-fool-such-as-i said...


laughter in the face of adversity1

way to go babes!

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